• Deniz Ozan-George

From my earliest memory...(what makes me paint)

From my earliest memory, I have been curious about the mysterious force of electricity--from the wall socket (at three I dreamed of a wall-sized Redi-Kilowatt as god of energy)--and as lightning from the sky.

Having lived through a tornado at a tender age, I obsessed over the power of the storm in the "Wizard of Oz" that could carry a whole house to a completely different world.

In spite of my fear, I felt a kinship with these forces of nature.

Later on, I would gaze for hours at the night sky, traveling in my mind to the farthest stars and feeling as huge as the universe.

My investigations extended to the invisible worlds of the microscopic and sub-atomic, and the iridescence of insects, feathers, and soap bubbles. Like my literary hero, Alice, I wondered what creatures might live behind the looking glass or the mirror-surface of still water. This lifelong fascination has led me to explore in paint my inner worlds: ambiguous, often organic or geologic structures, and shifting light and color.

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