Dream of the Corpseflowers Daughter.jpg

Deniz Ozan-George

Lives & works in Boston, Massachusetts

"As a child I was constantly drawing and painting, but soon enough, life intervened, and making art took a back seat to other endeavors. I rediscovered my love of painting in mid-life and have rushed joyfully forward ever since, always learning, always experimenting, always testing the relationship between chaos and control. My work shifts constantly under the viewer’s gaze from cosmic/macroscopic to interior/microscopic terrain.


In my current work I've attempted to cultivate a visual language that gives form to these fascinations. This language grows out of my ongoing dialog with key painters of the 20th century, yet, it is also primal, arising from a place of mystery and dream.


I reject recognizable form and the decorative, though the beauty and lushness of organic and geologic form often asserts itself. I work each painting just short of logical completion. I transform any image that takes a too conventional turn."