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NEWS: September Solo Exhibit of New Encaustic Works by Deniz Ozan-George opens at Galatea Fine Art

"Playing with Fire: Alchemical Adventures with Wax and Flame"

opens September 3, 2021 at Galatea Fine Art in Gallery 2 and runs through September 26, 2021. Galatea Fine Art is located at 460 Harrison Ave # B6, Boston, MA 02118.

"As I emerged from the pandemic winter of 2021, I was overwhelmed by a desire for warmth and the sight of lush growing things. With a renewed sense of excitement and momentum, I began this series of encaustic paintings using the open flame of a torch. Fusing and moving the melted wax on the panel, and setting fire to the wet shellac, I followed the will of the wax as it created layers of filigree and color within the depths of each painting. What finally emerged were these abstracted reflections of sky, water, and tangles of blossoms.

Playing with Fire refers to the vital role of “play” in my creative process. Following my intuition is sacred, rules are to be broken, and reckless experiment often leads to a sense of unexpected delight - yet the risk inherent in applying an open flame to a wax painting is always present. Playing with fire involves danger; I’m working on the knife’s edge between control and chaos. Seeking the true essence of the medium and the image that arises from this alchemical process is nothing less than exhilarating!"

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Jen Okumura
Jen Okumura
Sep 03, 2021

Congratulations on a beautiful and striking show! I am excited to see it in-person tonight at the reception from 6-8 pm.

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